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This particular Best of Motörhead release is a double-disc set on the Sanctuary subsidiary Metal-Is, and it's one of the very, very few Motörhead collections that tries to draw material from throughout the band's career. The compilers couldn't secure the rights to everything, and as such, there's nothing here from albums like 1916 or Bastards. But there are tracks from the later Overnight Sensation , Snake Bite Love , and We Are Motörhead albums, plus four bonus live tracks dating from various points in the group's career. The result isn't a definitive overview, but it is a pretty decent one, and the sound quality is good too. The best pure, concentrated shot of Motörhead is still No Remorse , focusing exclusively as it does on the band's peak early years, but this Best Of isn't a bad choice for someone wanting highlights from their later career as well.

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