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Silent Protector Noise Barrier rails are manufactured in a “co-extrusion process”.  The core, which comprises the majority of the weight and volume of the product, is 100% re-cycled PVC from post consumer and post industrial applications.  It is only the outer ‘colour layer’ that is new material.  This outer layer is extremely tough, UV resistant and colour stabilized.  You can take a knife or a hammer to the finish and not be able to expose the core material.  If the Silent Protector is taken down at a later date it is instantly recyclable back into pellet for other uses.  Also because it is so much lighter there is far less environmental impact from transporting the product.  You can get more than 3 times the amount of wall surface on a single truck.    There is a need for sustainable noise wall products that comply with “Green Building” practices.

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This Sound Barrier Double Glazed Window System provides acoustic ratings in excess of STC 40 due to our unique glazing specification, frame and seal design. It is suitable for replacement projects and new construction and renovations, particularly for timber windows in bungalows, terraces and semis. All windows are designed to replicate the period and style of the existing windows.

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Welcome to the future of reflective sound barriers. Eco Sound Barrier by CENTRIA features a unique combination of quality and affordability packaged in an eco-friendly solution. It comes in standard panel lengths but can be customized for any project. In addition to 20 color options and an unlimited number of custom colors, there are multiple textured and patterned finishes, giving Eco Sound Barrier panels aesthetic appeal. Eco Sound Barrier is THE right sound-management choice for highways, freeways, and residential communities.

The Sound Barrier - The Suburbia SuiteThe Sound Barrier - The Suburbia SuiteThe Sound Barrier - The Suburbia SuiteThe Sound Barrier - The Suburbia Suite